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First Mission Playlist


On driving days, we selected an album to listen to from start to finish. (See Josh's posts of each day.) Toward the end of the trip, we decided to make a playlist of individual songs as well. It should be obvious why we selected most of the songs ...

I encourage you to listen to any that may be new to you!

  • "Horse with No Name" -- America

  • "On the Road Again" -- Willie Nelson. We listened to this much too early on in the trip.

  • "Dust in the Wind" -- Kansas. So much.

  • "This is Not America" -- David Bowie and Pat Metheny.

  • "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" -- U2

  • "(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66" -- we liked Nat King Cole's version.

  • "Rocky Mountain High" -- John Denver. Colorado was a welcome sight after days of desert.

  • "Dallas" -- there are multiple songs with this title, but I was looking for the one that R.E.M. did a cover of on some compilation cd I had. It was running through my head as we neared Texas, but I couldn't find it on Spotify. Jimmie Dale Gilmore does the same song.

  • "Escape" -- Journey

  • "Landslide" -- Fleetwood Mac. I had my fingers crossed several times.

  • "Big Rock Candy Mountain" -- Harry McClintock. The random things that are in my head are baffling ... but this turned out to be maybe our favorite song of the trip!

  • "Total Eclipse of the Heart" -- Bonnie Tyler. I mean, we had to.

  • "Rock You Like a Hurricane" -- Scorpions. I was putting this in the queue before we got on the road one morning and Josh heard the first couple notes and made it the album of the day ...

  • "Windy" -- The Association. Josh doesn't know this song, but I couldn't get it out of my head for several days, for reasons that will be obvious to anyone who has driven from Arizona to Texas. See song #3.

  • "Ridin' the Storm Out" -- REO Speedwagon. We had a terrifying time getting from Bryce Canyon to Zion.

  • "(Don't Go Back to) Rockville" -- R.E.M. Not that one.

  • "Here in My Car" -- The Cars

  • "Homeward Bound" -- Simon and Garfunkel. So good.



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