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Day 14-17 (April 12 thru 15): Pagosa Springs, CO to Durango, CO, to Moab, UT to Circleville, UT, to Gooseberry Mesa, UT. (561 miles)

Updated: Apr 24

The adventure ensues as we leave Pagosa Springs, CO but not before we take a dip in the very free Nathan's Hippy Dip Hot Springs located in the downtown of Pagosa Springs. This was a very hot (114 I believe they said) and enjoyable soak that was kept manageable via the river that fed cold water into parts. Loved this! We had a nice lunch in the downtown and bought some needed stuff like Bigfoot slippers.

Durango was very close so made it in no time but stopped briefly to look at Chimney was closed for close up action but we took a snap of it all the same. Hit Durango and came to find they had a very anti-camper van vibe (And an anti CA/TX resident vibe to boot). We decided this would be the first night we stay at a hotel! Luxury!! We found reasonable rates at the Downtown Holiday Inn but first stopped off for some much needed ice cream...this place called Cream Bean was fantastic! I went to a bike shop to get some intel on local trails and was given some options. I took a swim in the heated pool(?) and hit the local hardware store for wares. Then we straight up relaxed! Well, I did, Dyan worked...she has been working hard all trip...she's a champ!! Trails in Durango were very bland/vanilla...I wasn't impressed. Come to find this is where they send CA/TX visitors...they apparently don't like us much. Hohum. Before we left, I happened upon a parking lot Action Sports sale and got some Birkenstocks and boots for pennies on the dollar...Durango wasn't all that bad I decided.

We got out of Durango around noon for Moab. That drive was sweet. Lots to see along the way. We stopped at a couple sites including the hole in the rock thing pictured below. Got into Moab and wanted to find a spot near trails for morning ride but came to find that Moab is also camper van unfriendly! Too many of us hit these roads during Covid I guess and locals had enough. We ended up at a no frills park and sleep camp ground right on the free way. Very boring considering where we were. The next morning I headed out for the most strenuous ride to date and it was not what I wanted but got. Dyan stayed and worked. My ride consisted of rolling freeway for a short bit to get on a trail called Seven Mile to try and get to a free-ride rock slab zone called Bartletts. The ride was neat...lots of cool things to see and moments of greatness but mostly very unridable sand roads that I hiked. By the time I got to Bartlett's, I was tired and almost out of water (and forgot to bring food). Played a tiny bit of the sandstones and headed back but not before taking a detour to see a large tunnel in the rocks. It was very cool! The trail dumped me on the freeway where I did about 6 miles of horrible bike riding with Semi's and head wind that truly broke my spirit. When I got back to van, I was destroyed. We left soon after. Oh, and I saw dinosaurs getting into a heated discussion.

Left Moab for what we wanted to be somewhat close to Bryce Canyon. We came close and landed in a small town called Circleville, UT and locked in a spot at an RV park for laundry and showers. Not a very special day and only took one pic. When we woke up, there was light snow floating around our van.

Waking up in Circleville to head to Bryce canyon and the snow started falling. We opted to bypass Bryce to head to lower ground in Hurricane/St. George, UT. To do so meant traversing a very high altitude mountain road and the snow got very thick and driving became extremely dangerous - we had no chains. (but first we stopped at the boyhood home of Butch Cassidy). At the summit, the van had a very tough time on the icy road and we barely made it. All other cars around us stopped driving but I forged ahead and went about 5 MPH down the backside until the road became visible and slowly picked up speed. This was a very scary drive but we survived.

Rolled into hurricane but found that there was no great roadside camping until we landed in Gooseberry Mesa where spots were everywhere. On a tip, found an absolutely gorgeous spot in the mesa near a sheer cliff and the site had loads of fire wood! This was were we were to spend 2 days and we were over joyed.



Erin Cross
Erin Cross

Love the posts, keep ‘em coming! Please be careful on those passes in the snow!!

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