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Day 7 (April 5): Baylor Pass West Trailhead - Las Cruces, NM to (just outside of) Carlsbad Caverns National Park (222 miles)

Updated: Apr 7

Album: Journey - Escape!

Today's travels took us out of the desert and into the mountains for a bit which was nice. Driving in the desert for days on end is pretty, windy, lots and lots of deserted shanties and ghost towns along the way. We took the high road which took us to a very cool national park called White Sands. And as you can see from the pics below why they aptly named it thus. Park station was closed so we got a free ride in the park. Dog loved it!

We decided to land a spot near the Carlsbad Caverns and take in the caverns in the morning. The spot we had scoped out was VERY challenging terrain so we opted for a really boring spot right off the freeway. It was CRAZY windy that night.


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Joel Davidson
Joel Davidson
Apr 06

Desert is arid, sand dune like place. Dessert is what you had; like ice cream and chocolate.

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