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Day 6 (April 4): Kartchner Caverns State Park - Benson, AZ to Baylor Pass West Trailhead - Las Cruces, NM (263 miles)

Album: Grateful Dead - Skull and Roses

This was a 'Dyan has to work day' trip but she managed to take one meeting on the road and the other was cancelled. We landed in Mesilla Plaza, the home of the place where Billy the Kid was tried for murder and sentenced to hang. We picked up some delicious chips and salsa from a local dig along with ice cream and chocolate and walked around a bit in the plaza.

We located a spot at a trailhead but nothing terribly exciting. Lots of other campers ended up there too. The sunset was very nice!

Googalee eyed bandit struck again. The sign in the cow picture below is extremely accurate!



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