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Day 5 (April 3): Tonopah, AZ to Kartchner Caverns State Park - Benson, AZ (217 miles)

Updated: Apr 7

Album: REM - Life's Rich Pageant

Hooked up remaining solar panel so had a little help in charging the 460A battery but luckily I had set up alternator charging (and shore power) so we had means to keep the cabin battery charged. Pretty uneventful drive but made it to the caverns. No tickets available (seems everyone is driving to Texas and thought ahead). But we got a sweet spot in their parking lot with access to showers, water, and bathroom. Luxury night! Dyan worked while I went Geo-caching.

I only took three pictures. But started googalee-eyeing things. We are the Googalee-eye Bandits!


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Joel Davidson
Joel Davidson
Apr 06

Are the eyes on the bunny googleed? Glad for you both. I'm going to be in Florida for a couple of weeks (16th through 30th). Hope you'll drop by if you are in the area. Bon Voyage!

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