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Day 4 (April 2): Joshua Tree, CA to Saddle Mountain - Tonopah, AZ (239 miles).

Album: Peter Gabriel - So

We leave Joshua Tree with a little more than a half tank of gas thinking, "we'll fill up later." Mistake! Drove close to 100 miles without seeing a single gas station...stressful as we were out there in no-man's-land. Very windy too but luckily not a lot of cars on the road. But we made it on fumes to a station only to discover one of our 300W solar panels blew off the roof. NOT ideal. We rolled into Tonopah and looked up some spots nearby using iOverlander which has campers telling other campers where they stayed and what it was like...very useful! We rolled into an amazing spot at the base of some very cool mountains and set up shop. Great sunset, first camp fire, and the stars were vivid. A very enjoyable night.



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