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Day 3 (April 1): Keyesville, CA to Joshua Tree, CA (222 miles).

Updated: Apr 5

Album: U2 - Joshua Tree.

We left Keyesville around noon and headed into the desert. I had heard of a mountain bike trail system in Desert View Conservation Area so headed there to see what camping might have in store for us. We arrived with no real complications but the park closed and there was no way to camp there. We found an RV park nearby and got a spot for $50. This was a nice safe haven with laundry and showers so we went for it. I did a laundry and Dyan had a hot shower. Very trippy cloud at sundown (pic below).

Woke up and headed to trail system where Dyan set up her work station and I hit the trails. They were terrific! I stuck to Black Diamond runs but they really weren't hard. Lots of wild flowers and terrific scenery. I loved it!


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Erin Cross
Erin Cross
Apr 06

Love that you’re up and running and it appears Beethoven is behaving! Enjoy every stopping point and all the glorious paintings in the sky along the way! So much to see.

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