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Day 2 (March 31): Watsonville, CA to Keyesville, CA. (273 miles)

Updated: Apr 5

(Every day we pick a full album to listen to...but we also listen to lots of music and a couple of books along the way).

Album: Willie Nelson: Stardust.

Write up: Got on the road at noon with plan to hit up Kernsville where I have heard about good mountain bike trails. Got several recommendations on trails but much was unattainable due to snow. A fun but uneventful drive though heading into the last stretch was spectacular driving into the gorge that housed the Kern River. Very rocky, cliffy, treacherous, beautiful.

Coming into Keyesville, CA around 4, we stopped in town to strategize. A man with a brick was walking around so we got out of there and found a safe haven in front of an establishment called Dick Weeds. Dyan did not stop laughing and will burst out laughing anytime you say these words now. Our app showed us some dispersed camping a mile away so we opted to forgo Kernsville. It was a wise move as we found a great free spot along a creek with no one around and it turned out to be on a trail called the Keyesville classic. Cold outside but we did well in Beethoven that night.

The next day, I rode some great trails and Dyan worked and did some yoga.



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