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Day 11-13 (April 9 thru 11): Allen, TX to Amarillo, TX to Pecos, NM to Pagosa Springs, CO (818 miles)

After a successful eclipse adventure, we start back. Our first leg was from Allen, TX to Amarillo, TX...a huge haul as we wanted out of Texas and there is really nothing of note to see or do. This was a planned 5.5 hour stretch that turned into 6.5 hours as very heavy rains and wind whipped up and joined us the whole way. This with traffic created the most stressful of travel days. Very low visibility, strong winds, and passing too many big rigs left my arms and mind strained. We stayed in a large cement parking lot. There were no pictures taken.

The next morning we shot out of there but stopped at the nearby Cadillac Ranch to see Cadillacs buried in the ground. It was cold, wet, and muddy but we did the americana thing and checked them out! I googly-eyed a post there.

On the way to Pecos, NM we stopped at an off the beaten path BBQ joint that was recommended. Even though I haven't purposely eaten meat in over 10 years or more, I had a pulled pork sandwich. It was yummy! I let my kids know that if I was in charge of decorating our house in Los Gatos, I would mirror this place.

The drive was epic crossing very interesting landscapes on a road that was barren but for us. We landed in Glorieta where I was told good mountain biking existed. We found a campground up in the mountains and settled in. Had a nice fire but it got brutally cold (upper 20s). Our heater was not up for the task so we had a chilly night in the van. The next morning I went for a ride and Dyan worked. The riding was world class. I met some locals who showed me the way and it was amazing. They said it's some of the best riding in New Mexico that no one knows about....they were likely correct. Very fast, flowy trails professionally built as well as chunky technical trails. I had a blast!

We left late but had an easy drive to Pagosa Springs, CO. Before arriving, we made a quick detour to see the Echo Auditorium, a sand stone cliff in the shape of a bowl that made for interesting echos. Nobody was there so the dog got to roam free for a was super interesting and we were stoked to make the last second decision to pull in and check in out! We pulled into The Last Resort RV park and had the place our ourselves. The season isn't open yet up there but they let us park and stay and use laundry/bathroom/electricity/fire pit. This place was so mice, right on the river. It was once again a very cold night but we figured out the heating a little better so had a good nights sleep.


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Joel Davidson
Joel Davidson
Apr 13

Love your posts. and I'm with you. YOU are a placer, planner, proficient, provider, of the planet that you play upon. Proves your process of progress throughout your participating in the search for perfection. But, I'll tell you there is never perfection without.... ( who knows)

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