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Blast off for Our First Mission: Total Solar Eclipse (April 8, 2024) - Los Gatos, CA to Allen, TX

And the journey begins. After 30 years of non-stop work, I (Josh) decided to remove myself from the fast lane and get in the slow lane. Mid-life Crisis? I think more like Mid-life Awakening. Time to enjoy some adventures while I am young and have energy. I will take some part time work that can be done on the road and spend the next year traveling in our newly acquired Ford Transit Camper Van (named Beethoven) that we have been building up for the past couple of months. Dyan (my wife), Koda (our dog), and a renewed sense of adventure are hitting the road with a test run that takes us to Dallas and back to witness the Solar Eclipse. We have plans to make cool stops and stays along the way.

As an avid mountain biker, I will spend a good amount of time finding cool trails to explore while Dyan works her job from the van with yoga and hike diversions along the way. Our destinations will likely be Mountain bike hot spots but playing it by ear.

Come along on the ride!



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