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Foresight, Trial-and-Error, and Serendipity

Helpful things we've learned so far:

  1. An old chewed-up foam yoga mat is quite useful if you have scissors and ideas.

  2. Those lightweight, quick-dry microfiber travel towels are not great.

  3. A platform that you built to fill in the step hole in the van when the sliding door is closed is also useful for Koda to ride on between the driver and the passenger. It can also be used as a small stool or table when sitting on the floor.

  4. Van floors and cots are freezing cold. Throw stuff down there and put a heavy blanket under the cot mattress before you go to sleep.

  5. We don't need all those clothes because we wear the same thing every day (except Josh does need all those mountain-biking and running clothes).

  6. Stating the obvious, but still: stay two nights whenever possible.

  7. Don't pay $35 to stay in a gravel parking lot where the only amenities are a 4" x 4" and a large red rock to delineate your spot from the ATV/UHV (don't know what that means) enthusiasts who will roar in around 8 p.m. and take off on their party vehicles at 9 p.m. with music and lights blaring and flags flying, looking and sounding like some sort of possibly nefarious nighttime parade.

  8. The little battery-operated fresh-water pump dispenser Josh found is key.

  9. Approximately 3' x 5' plastic outdoor rugs from Target are nice, and it's good to have more than one. More good thinking on Josh's part.

  10. Bringing along the Outdoor Dog cushy roll-up travel bed I got years ago turned out to be good for both Koda's driving seat and nighttime sleeping insulation.

  11. All I need are my raincoat and rain boots and I'm pretty much good.


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